You won’t believe these foods are high in sugar


Jam, cakes, soft drinks (not diet), sweets, biscuits, pastries, are some great examples, of foods high in sugar that most of us recognize. However, there are many other foods high in sugar which most of us probably don’t associate with being as such. So quite often it still may not be good enough to just cut out those, commonly recognized foods high in sugar, of your daily food intake to ensure you comply with recommended daily sugar intake.

Recommended daily sugar intake is;

Women – 20 grams

Men – 36 grams

Children – 12 grams

Keep these numbers in mind when discovering amount of sugar in some of the foods mentioned in the list bellow.

Here are some less known foods High in sugar;


Healthy cereal

So many different varieties of cereals are often made out to sound like healthy option for your breakfast and most of them kind of are, considering amount of vitamins and other necessary supplements included. However, when it comes to added amount of sugar, it can get a bit scary looking at those numbers! Some cereal may contain as much, as 50 grams of sugar per 100 grams of product. That’s at least half of entire content of the product! Worth to mention there are some cereals, which contain slightly less sugar, even then it’s quite significant amount.


Dried fruits

Dried fruits are supposed to be really healthy and most of the time they are, but watch out for dried fruits, which have had sugar added to them in drying period.

We’re not talking about small amount of sugar added, as some of dried fruits may contain as much as 25 grams of sugar per one portion.


Baked beans

Baked beans are usually kept in sugary sauce and sugar added to them can be as much as ¼ of entire product. That’s mind blowing 25 grams of sugar per every 100 grams of baked beans! Luckily there are some brands, which sell baked beans with reasonably lower amount of sugar added. I personally consume ‘Heinz full of beanz’ baked beans which contain 4.7 g sugar for every 100 grams.

Protein bars

Protein bars are often made out to sound like really healthy food, especially perfect snack after work out. Well think again! Unfortunately, most of the protein bars are proven to be nothing more than usual candy bars, considering the amount of sugar they contain. Some popular brand protein bars may contain up to 20 grams of sugar per single bar. Hmm, I am sorry, but that’s certainly not for me!


Flavored waters

Many flavored waters even tough marketed as healthy beverages, contain a lot of sugar, especially keeping in mind it’s just flavored water. Some flavored waters contain up to 30 grams of sugar in just one bottle.


BBQ sauce

Sugar is the main ingredient for most barbecue sauces, and can easily add up to half of the entire content of the sauce. I’ve always loved BBQ sauce, although after finding out about this, I don’t love it as much as I used to, that’s for sure!


Reduced-fat salad dressing

Reduced-fat salad dressing may sound and seem as much healthier, than full fat salad dressing, until you find out that reduced fat is often replaced with sugar. In some low-fat salad amount of sugar added is more than half on entire content.


Canned or pre-packed fruit

Fruit packaged in syrup, means it contains some added sugar. Even, rather small servings, for example, 100 grams of pre-packed fruits may contain up to 15 grams of sugar.


Bran muffins

Some bran based muffins can contain as much as 40 grams of sugar per each muffin. There are varieties of bran muffins, which have considerably lower added sugar, but still it’s not looking good.


Pasta sauce

Your favorite pasta sauce like tomato and basil, or others, can contain up to 12 grams of sugar for each 100 grams of product. That’s quite a lot considering it’s just a sauce and there will be some more sugar in pasta, also.

Consuming too much sugar on regular basis is likely to lead to chronic diseases like; diabetes, heart disease, cancer and others. Too much sugar acts as useless calories, which is one of the reasons behind weight gain.

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To be completely honest some of those, less know as foods high in sugar, mentioned in the list above, came as a quite a surprise to me. What’s more worrying, there are some other foods high in sugar out there. So check the labels, when possible and do more research to start living healthier lifestyle!


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