Win a copy of – How to make money selling on classifieds – ebook


This competition has finished now. Here are  18 lucky winners who will recieve copy of my e-book ”How to make money selling on classifieds”

  • Diana Webb
  • John Myers
  • Karl Borowy
  • Gaynor Sephton
  • James Rowlands
  • claire davey
  • Selena Pepina
  • Sue Walker
  • Tom Pitchford
  • Rebecca mercer
  • Matthew Standing
  • Julie Whittaker
  • Josh Howden
  • Gareth Owens
  • Karen Howden
  • Nicky Hawley
  • Josh Harrison
  • Nigel Greaves


I have sent an e-mail to all winners with special Coupon Code you will need to get your free copy of this e-book ”How to make money selling on classifieds

Congratulations to all winners!



So follow this link here apply coupon code and recieve you free copy of this e-book.

If you haven’t recieved e-mail with coupon code or have other dificulties downloding your copy of this e-book please Contact us


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