Why you should have a hobby


Hobbies are good for your mind and you body. Having a hobby is great way to reduce stress, because you give your mind something else to focus on, instead of every day tasks and jobs, which pile up responsibilities on your shoulders and creates stress. Often, it is not until we start new hobby, that we realize, how much we needed to partake in something, even, if it is real simple, just for the sake of enjoyment.

Because, having hobby is doing what you love the most, we tend to get in the flow and focus, forgetting about everything else and truly enjoying the moment. Hobbies are great way to break up daily routine  and challenge your self in new ways.  It is not just great way to reduce stress, but also can open you to seeing the world in new ways.

Hobby, that you truly enjoy, will improve your mental health, physical health, well being and will also help you to unite with others. Even if you are engaged in sole activity you are exposing your self to new people, who share same hobbies, therefore find similar things enjoyable. Many hobbies may not take place in ”real world,” so to speak, as you can find online based hobby, for example, and connect with people online who are passionate about same things, that you are.

Personally I have found more than one hobbies, for myself, but one certainly worth to point out, that I spend most time doing and probably enjoy the most is domaining, or in other words, buying and selling domain names. Although acquiring domain names requires some investment, which of course can make this more like a job for  some, as you are never guaranteed to fully get back funds spent, I never worry about it at all. Saying all that, I always manage to make decant money out of it too, but for me, it not about making or losing money, it is all about having good time and enjoying my hobby.

It is important to make sure, that this activity you enjoy so much stays as the hobby, in other words, do not turn it in to your job. By doing so rest assure, soon enough you won’t have too much fun doing it any more, remember job can often be such a routine, it gets boring, often stressful and is one of the reasons, why we are in need of hobby in first place.

Keep in mind, often, finding new hobby is not easy. To truly enjoy it and to have full health benefits acquiring hobby you can’t just force it, it has to come naturally. Best bit of advice is: keep trying new things and soon enough you will find great hobby for yourself.


Here are just some of ways how truly enjoyable hobby influence your body;

  • Improve self esteem
  • Better Quality Sleep
  • Improve Memory
  • Reduce stress
  • Enhance the Immune System
  • Improve Flexibility

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