What’s the best time to shower?

Have you Ever wondered what’s the best time to take shower? Me too, that’s why I decided to do a little research and write a post about it! Your daily schedule can often be determining factor for your routine, but if you have all the options opened in front of you let’s find out what’s the best time to take shower.


Taking a shower in the morning;

It’s good idea to take shower in the morning because oil often builds up on our skins true the night, therefore morning shower is excellent way to clean out your pores. Same goes with sweating in the night-time, I sometimes do, and it’s certainly not nice feeling to wake up and then spend rest of the day like that. So taking shower in the morning is great way to refresh.

Cold morning shower can be effective way to wake up, although it can become decision between waking few minutes earlier to take it, or leave it for the evening, if you aren’t morning person. For men who like to shave in the mornings, it’s also the best time to take shower because it will soften the hair even more, leaving you with a smooth shave.


Taking shower in the night time;

If you’re exposed to dust, bacteria or sweat a lot at your work, it’s very good reason to consider taking shower in night-time. It’s the best time to take shower, if you are having trouble sleeping true the night, or just don’t feel tired at the time. Why does taking shower in night-time make you sleepy?  When taking shower at night your body temperature will rise and then drop swiftly, shortly after you get out of shower. Its natural temperature drop and is pretty much same process which happens when you’re a sleep during the night. There is a good chance that your body will get tricked in believing it’s time for the bed, because of sudden temperature drop in body. Taking shower at night is also relaxing and can lower your cortisol levels, which is again very likely to make you feel sleepy.


How Often Should You Shower?

Now we found out what’s the best time to take shower. Let’s find out how often we should do it. On average each person tends to take shower once a day worldwide, although hair isn’t washed daily, but about four times a week.

In countries, where the climate is usually quite warm, like Australia, Mexico, Middle East and similar, people actually average slightly more, than taking shower once a day. In colder climate average is less than once a day, which is where it levels out. People used to wash less often than that, before early 20th century, when indoor plumbing became widespread and at same time soap and shower gel, for washing our bodies, where introduced.

Because our body is a product of its microbial community, there’s increased concern, that taking a shower too often may strip away some of the beneficial micro flora from outer layer of skin doing so, reducing the overall health of our skin and body. So, if you work in air-conditioned, or office which is rather normal temperature, commute from and to work and not much more, skipping a shower for a day or two is ok and it may even be beneficial. However, working in dirty environment, or exercising every day, a daily shower might be a good idea! Hope this post helped you to determine what’s the best time to shower for you.




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