What it takes to become a millionaire?


Recent issue of ‘Money’ magazine had story on ‘’How to reach $1 million’’, where they discuss several ways how to reach the status of being millionaire.  They suggested that main outlets for becoming a millionaire are from owning and selling business, real estate, becoming supersaver, investing and climbing the corporate ladder.  According to them odds to reach $1 million were 1 in 12. Now, if you look at this in British Pounds, odds of becoming a millionaire are even slimmer, than that.

For me at the moment it’s working on my blog, increasing my domain name portfolio, whether they are for sale, or bring in revenue via parking. Do I see it as a way to become millionaire? It can happen of course, as it only takes few big domain sales or major exposure to blog. However, I see it more as a stepping stone, towards raising budget for my next ventures and truly believing at least one of them will make it as a next big thing!

This post is basically about my personal views, on what it takes to become millionaire. It’s not a secret I am not a millionaire yet and probably won’t be soon. Will I get there one day? Absolutely! Why? Well, because I truly believe in that, and work towards it every single day.


What it takes to become a millionaire?

In most cases it will take a lot of incredibly hard work, unless you maybe get lucky by winning lottery, win jackpot in casino, or similar get rich instantly type of thing. Unbreakable belief and bucket loads of motivation is certainly good assets to have to start out with. Surely with such determined work ethics, odds eventually tend to lean towards those, who believe and keep working for their dreams.

Be unbreakable, what others see as failure you must see as success, because you are gaining experience and still moving step closer to achieving ultimate goal. I touched on odds going in your favour earlier when you keep believing and keep working hard, because it’s well known that many people often start off things with high hopes and aspirations, but most tend to lose all of this very soon, probably not even having a proper crack at it. At end of the day if it was that easy, everyone would do it, right? It takes a lot of hard work, believing in you, sacrifice and seeing any small failure along the way as the positive.


I personally know many people who always dream of making big money, getting out of 9-5, or other working hour patters they may be doing. Who wouldn’t want to retire early, travel around the world and enjoy all the luxuries that wealthy lifestyle, being millionaire, has to offer. However, when it comes down to going for it, most people get scared to step into unknown. Let’s be honest, there are many well documented ways of, how to become rich, but it’s very likely that many others will travel down this same road. Just because someone else has done it before may indeed seem as perfect layoff to fallow into for most, but you have to realize, that opportunities there once were is probably already taken and for any that’s left, competition will be tough.

The best way to become millionaire is by stepping into unknown, by having your own unique idea, way of doing things and sticking with it.  It can be scary at first, of course, because it’s something untested and unknown. There is always a risk that it doesn’t turn out the way you planned. That’s exact reason why so many don’t even have a proper go at it.


I have a saying – Money doesn’t make you happy, but it definitely helps!

I personally believe, that going absolutely money crazy, being obsessed with becoming millionaire, can actually spoil the enjoyment of getting there, which in my eyes is probably more fun than ultimately becoming millionaire itself. Remember, money isn’t everything in life, adapt that belief, just about enough to realize, that even if you become millionaire it’s not guaranteed to bring you ultimate happiness in life, although it can certainly make huge difference!


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