How to stop your emotional eating habits


Every time you are eating to fill emotional needs such as; stress relief, rewarding yourself, or food for comfort is considered emotional eating. We are only supposed to eat enough to fill our stomach. Anything else beyond that is potentially harmful.

You have to remember, that emotional eating doesn’t actually make you feel better it only make it worse! It won’t remove any emotional damage, but it will likely add some feeling of guilt, because of over eating. It’s crazy to think, how many people actually look for relief in unhealthy amounts of food when facing emotional ups and downs. Others fill themselves up  just because they are being bored; sometimes without even realizing.

Luckily there are quite a few methods, which can help you to; first of all, realize the scale of your emotional eating habits and then you can learn to stop them. Following are some that I picked as very effective.

Acknowledge your emotional eating habits

Best place to start is, by accepting that you may have problems with emotional eating, but be ok with it. It’s not ideal by any means, but instead, of going absolutely crazy about it, thinks of the ways you can learn to control your emotional eating habits. Remember hardest part is to learn how to do things. When you know how, doing them is easy.  When you realize, that your emotional state has a lot to do with your unhealthy eating habits, you are in much stronger position to realizing in exactly what kind of ways emotional eating affects you, therefore you’re already on the way to contain it!


Keep the notes of your day-to-day eating habits

Surprisingly taking notes of your eating habits is known to be very effective way to contain emotional eating, besides, it will make big difference very quickly. Keeping notes of day-to-day eating habits may not be for everyone, but if you look for quick results it’s certainly one you should consider.  It’ll give you something to look back and study in dept, or compare your eating patterns, from day-to-day. Besides, by keeping these records private you can always be 100% honest with yourself, as you don’t need to make up any results, just so others would thing you making amazing progress. No needs to lie to yourself just see it the way you eat.


Change your mindset

Changing your mindset about emotional eating can by itself change your habits. Sometimes we can do too much harm by pushing ourselves over top in first place. Once you have pinned down you emotional eating habits, start changing the way you react to each of certain emotional needs slowly, don’t try to cut out all of you emotional eating habits immediately. Face them one after other and doing so build up your confidence, realizing that you can react to those emotional situations differently. Step by step, you will be able to change your mindset and know that overeating is not how you will react to calm those emotional needs.



That’s right meditation is certainly very effective method to help you to stop emotional eating habits. Meditation helps us to calm ourselves in those emotional moments. Practising meditation doesn’t just help you to stop emotional eating habits, but also, brings many other health benefits to you, such as:  reduced stress, lowered blood pressure, increase of serotonin production in our bodies which calm mind and body


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