Shorten urls and earn money


Today I’m here to tell you about two of my favorite ”shorten urls and earn money” websites. If you don’t know anything about it, well then you should. This is great opportunity to make anything starting from some money on side to very decant amount each month!

So how does it work then?


Well, it pretty simple and straight forward really. All you have to do is sign up with either or both of these shorten urls and earn money programs bellow. Then fill out some basic info, like your name and how you would like to get pay once you get to payout threshold, which is very easy to reach for these two of my favorite programs. Then, you can start earning money it two different ways:

  • By shortening any link you want and then sharing it where ever you like. For each click on that shortened link (example of how these links will look) you will get paid. You will find payout tables on both of these ,Shorten urls and earn money, sites. Basically, how much you will earn will depend from which countries your traffic will come. Payout rate is anywhere between $20 and $4 per 1000 clicks.


  • Other way to get paid is by referring referrals. Once you sign up you will get special refferal links, that you can share with your friends or pretty much anyone you like. You will get between 10% to 20% from what your referrals make for life! Imagine earning some nice money from links you share and then get some extra from all people you refered to program. Not bad is it?


Now it’s time to get started



This is my favorite, Shorten urls and earn money program. you should sign up with! They offer weekly or monthly payouts and minimum payout threshold for PayPal is only $5. That’s really easy to reach, trust me. You can choose to withdraw funds in bitcoin, with payeer or to your bank account,,also. Coolest part about this program is that they offer impressive 35% return from all of your referrals!!! Now this is probably the main reason why they are my favorite network. Personally, I make way more from referrals, than I do from links I share.


Glory link

This is other, Shorten urls and earn money, site I would recommend everyone to join. Along with ClickFly, these two programs has gained my trust and has become my favorites, since they always pay on time and I haven’t had any problems with them what so ever. Here minimum payout threshold is only $1 to your PayPal account, which is extremely easy to do. You will earn less from your referrals though at 15% return, but it’s still ok.



So that’s that really. There is not much more I can say, as you should just sign up and see for your self! Here is example link how it looks, when some one will click on you shortened link.


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