Quince – Superfood for strengthening immune system


The quince is healthy fruit and part of a family, which also contains apples, pears, and other fruits. It is loaded with variety of essential ingredients necessary to our bodies.  Using Quince as part of our nutrition, improves hart processes, metabolism, feel good factor and much more. Also using it regularly is known to be great way to strengthen immune system, especially true the autumn and winter periods. No wonder it is taken on and adored by so many. There aren’t any known restrictions on how the quince should be consumed. It’s up to yourselves really, to choose method how to prepare it at home. It’s probably worth to try out few methods at first and then see which the best is for you! Worth to mention, that quince is most effective, when consumed prepared, as little as possible. More basic the preparation process, less of the variety of essential nutrition it contains, you will lose out on.

It id believed to contain up to four times more vitamin C than the apples, which most of us probably use way more often. Quince is also rich in carbohydrates, especially (pectin). Pectin improves digestive system affectively and other metabolism functions. There is about three to four grams of pectin in every 100 grams of quince.



Leafs are used to lower the blood pressure, strengthen blood vessel walls and delay bronchial asthma attack.  Tannin, which is found in quince fruit and in the leafs, has antibacterial properties.



Seed extract is used to treat cough and improve heart activity. Seeds are used externally, to treat skin irritation and burn cases.



Juice helps against symptoms such as; dyspnoea, blood expectorant, bleeding, and breath way infection. It’s suggested to use juice to threat and minimize anemia symptoms. It also contains general strengthening, antiseptic and astringent powers.


Most often quince is combined with apples, pumpkins, carrots when prepared as part of the dish. It can also be used to be placed in clothing cupboard so clothing or bedding sheats smell good.



Here is the quite impressive list of healthy nutrition it


Vitamin C


Acids and minerals

Provitamin A

Vitamins B1, B2, E and PP


Organic Acids









 Here is a list of areas Quince has a positive influence on our bodies;

Positively influencing psyche

Improves mood

Decreases headaches

Increase metabolism

Lowers cholesterol levels

Strengthens blood vessel walls and help to absorb iron

Strengthens heart and help against arrhythmia

Helps against anemia

Helps to avoid liver and gastric illness

.increases appetite

Eliminate terrible smell from mouth

Helps to prevent vomiting, diarrhea and nausea

Sometimes used sclerosis prevention and healing.


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