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I have written number of e-books and guides to help people to start their own e-commerce businesses from home. I have never shared any actual information about products to sell from home themselves up till now. Well that is about to change. In this post I am giving away top-selling products, that I made hundreds of thousands of dollars from over the years.



If you are looking for ways to make hundreds or thousands of dollars by doing nothing you should leave now. You can get to that off course, but you will have to put in some work to get to that level. If you would like to give it try then hold on tight as I we are going to look at some things you should know.


Why I am giving away these top selling products?

I have been selling this stuff online for years now. I have sold and still selling stuff on Ebay, Amazon, Bonanza,  but of late mostly on classified ads and my personal e-commerce websites. With thousands of orders monthly my partners are giving me great deals already. Because I am sharing these products to sell from home with you and helping to set up your successful online businesses I am getting even greater deals from my top partners. So that means even greater ROI for me and formula for success for you guys. Win – win for all of us really!


Where can you sell these products

I mentioned, that of late I am mostly selling these goods on classified ad sites and my personal websites. I decided that its way more profitable for me to sell on those platforms as there is almost no selling fee’s (except for tax) involved. Ebay, Amazon, Bonanza and similar platforms are great for traffic it’s just that you will have to give away quite a bit of your profits in selling fees. You will have all these great, top-selling products and it’s up to you to see what works best for you.


Pricing products

I usually price products at 20% to 70% above what I pay for them after tax and all the expenses involved. That’s comes out at $2 to $50 profit depending on product for sale. That’s quite good money, isn’t it? You will learn to price each product appropriately once you go along.



You can  order these products and then re-sell them locally or send them to buyers yourself. Whilst that’s good business idea to serve customers near you it’s not the best way to go about things if your customers are located around the world. Imagine how much time you will have to spend to pack each product, then send them all out too. It will take up a lot of space in your home or your business premisses.  If you are looking to reach customers WorldWide, these products to sell from home, are perfect as you can get merchants to send them straight to your customers. You probably heard about this method called; Dropshipping. You can fulfill every order online yourself or you can set it all up to be automated. There are number of different apps and programs to do that for you.



My Top 5 of products to sell from home


  1. Nano technology Ceramic crystal coating

This has been the best-selling product for me. I sold thousands of these over the years. It’s perfect product to protect cars paint against scratches, weather corrosion and more for up to 4 years. There are number of merchants selling this in different volumes so be sure to look around for special deals they are running from time to time.


2. Hair Extensions 

I couldn’t include just ones I have hundreds of different hair extensions selling well. Trust me pick out as many different hair extensions as you can and list them all. You just can’t go wrong with that. You can usually make $20 to $40 pure profit from each package sold. Coolest part is that most merchants will ship these for FREE with DHL, UPS or FedEx


3. Natural freshwater pearl earrings,8-9mm

honestly, girls are crazy about these. Again, I have sold thousands and thousands of these natural freshwater pearl earrings. They come in four different colors and you can easily make up to $10 after taxes and all expenses, from each pair of earrings sold.


4. Cat Eye Classic Brand Sunglasses

I would’ve featured number of sunglasses in this top. If I made a list of top 30 products to sell from home here I would have 9 different sunglasses. These have been performing best for me so far though.


5. Nail care products

Again, I just couldn’t include one product here. In all fairness I would’ve gone with all health care products. There are so many of well selling product there. just spend some time and pick out ones with most orders, best reviews and you will get it right!


Worth to know

Best part is that there are thousands of products to sell from home here. For example, I have like 30 products I make most money of form and, then many more I still sell quite often. I am absolutely sure I still have not discovered number of top-selling products and maybe never will. Who knows. There been so many times that I have founds something for myself too and way cheaper, than for what I would usually pay.




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