Why do only few people succeed and so many don’t

Have you ever wondered why there are so many people who don’t succeed? How can you expect to be successful, if you’re not prepared to give your all to achieve your goal? Unfortunately many people don’t give it a try, give up too early, or live along hoping success will just fell out of the sky. Yes life is hard, but that isn’t the reason to give up, by not at least putting up a solid fight!

Often, when you will encourage people to try something in life, most will back out and give up even before they have tried it. Those very thought’s and believes keeps most of the people away from chasing their dreams and getting things they ultimately desire in life. For example, how you ever played new level in video game thinking this mission is impossible. Maybe thoughts of giving up, or wondering what you have to do here, started to creep in at the moment like this. Yet, you don’t give up and keep trying again and again, until you do figured out the way to do it. Looking back it’s probably seemed much easier, than before you done it, before you figured out the way how to go about it. Why should it be different with your life? Why do so many people don’t give up and succeed, when playing video games (or similar stuff), yet when it comes down to real life, real things, all of that resilience, fight and belief is suddenly gone.

Open yourself up as a book and read every single word in this book about yourself! Read it again and again, until you fully get to know who you really are. Build the relationship with yourself and you will not only get to know your limits, but you will be able to perform to your full potential, whenever you choose to!

Have you ever heard about people capabilities in real panic, crisis situations? How you ever heard about people who get trapped under the rock, which may be 3 or 4 times they own weight. Yet some people manage to lift this heavy load off, with their own strength. Bring this same person back any other day and they won’t be able to move this rock, never mind pick it up.


The power of believing in yourself to succeed

That is the true strength, that each of us has within. Just think, what you could become, if you ever truly believed in yourself. There is every chance you can access this kind of mental and physical strength, whenever you choose to! Get to know who you are and you will find out what is you true potential and you will succeed in all aspects of your life!

With certain dedication you got a chance to become who you always meant to be. Don’t let all these distractions leave you to be other diamond in the mud, left there and never discovered.


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