All you need to know about Christmas tree


Now days getting, real or artificial Christmas tree, either, from a shop, Christmas tree place (farm), or local woodlands, is so traditional, that not having a Christmas tree, for festive season, is almost unimaginable.  And why wouldn’t it be? Christmas tree is a symbol and long kept tradition as part of festive season.

Saying that, of course there are religions and people with different traditions, who don’t celebrate Christmas at all, or having a Christmas tree, is not part of their family traditions.

As I already mentioned in previous post having a white Christmas was most exciting part of Christmas celebrations, for me, and getting ever green tree was one of highlights of festive season too. Heading to local woodland, either walking or driving, to find perfect Christmas tree for our family, was something I always used to look forward to for weeks before. Cold, but fresh and refreshing winter air, some years ground was already covered with white snow blanket and, if it was snowing outside at time, it just could not get more exciting and fun, was how I felt.

When was Christmas trees first decorated for Christmas?


Seams, that no one is really sure, about when, evergreen fir and pin threes, were first used as  a Christmas tree, however, it’s often mention that, it was probably about 1000 years ago in Northern Europe.

Town square place, in Riga, capital city of Latvia, is home of first documented Christmas tree in the 1510. It is believed, that Christmas tree was set up by German traders. Not much is known about occasion, but it is said, that it was burned after ceremony. There is engraved plaque, located in Town square place, in Riga and can be read in eight languages.  Although, it is believed that fir and pin trees were used as part of Christmas tradition many hundred years before, there is no documented proof to it yet.

Did you know?

  •  Some ancient civilizations believed evergreen pine and fir trees were a symbol of everlasting life.
  • Scandinavians used to decorate their houses with fir-tree and pine tree branches for Christmas and New Year period, because they believed, that it would scare away demons and devil.
  • Many of first Christmas trees, were placed upside down and would hang down from ceiling, hundreds of years ago.

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