Make money by watching ads


Few days ago I was refered to this make money by watching ads and I didn’t believe it was true, I mean they pay out 10 cents per view and then 50% from what your referrals make.

I read some reviews as I always do, and there where some pages suggesting it’s scum, but since it was suggested to me by my friend of mine I  tought I will try it out anyway. I signed up for account here  and quickly where making money.

At first you have to make $150 to be able to make withdrawal. I was like WHAT. I know how long it usually takes to generate that kind of money on get paid to view ads programs, but I actually managed to do it in one night. Yes I stayed up all night and reached $150 US dollars.


make money by watching ads


So it was time to withdraw money. I choose to withdraw it to my PayPal account. By the way you can withdraw money to PayPal, Credit Card, Bitcoin andWester Union. And money arrived in my account in less than one business day. Let me just say I was very impresed!

Also worth to mention, once you make your first withdrawal of at least $150 US dollars afterwards withdrawal limit is down to $5 US dollars, which is pretty cool too.


One more thing to mention here. I was sceptical at first and read about some people being blocked and not getting money they earned after all. One of my referrals was in same boat and was complaining to me about it. Then when we talked it true he created several accounts from one IP address. I guess couple is ok, but he had like 10 or 20 of them. So side note, just be fair and you will get paid.

So again here is a link to make money by watching ads

Let me know how it goes!




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