How to make de-icer spray perfect for your car’s windshield

Here is an easy way to make very effective de-icer spray, perfect for your car’s windshield, at home by yourself. To prepare this spray at home is good way to save some money avoiding rather expensive de-icer spray products sold all over the place. Besides, de-icer spray, prepared at home is friendlier to environment, than most of the products sold by retailers.

How do you make it?

Use empty pump spraying bottle (see in video) fill it with 2/3 of alcohol of your choice and 1/3 water mixed with dish washing liquid.

And that’s all you need to make de-icer spray at home. Try it out yourself this winter! Spray it directly on the windshield and ice is gone in 5 seconds. It’s also thought to be quite effective way to clean pathway. Watch the video bellow to see just how effective this homemade de-icer spray is!



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