Rechargeable LED Flashlight; CREE XML T6 4000 lumens (With rechargable battery)


If you looking for cheap, but at the same time powerful Rechargeable LED Flashlight, look no further. This CREE XML T6 linterna torch with 4000 lumens comes with charger and rechargeable 18650 Battery. It’s perfect for everyday use, outdoor camping and much more.


This Flashlight has five different modes;

  • high
  • medium
  • low
  • sos (flash)
  • and strobe mode.

It’s made from  Aluminum Alloy ensuring Shock-proof of  approximately  1.5 metres, depending from surface. Rechargeable LED Flashlight has T6 LED beads, that can reach the distance of up to 500 meters. Maximum brightness of flashlight is 4000 luminous. It’s 161 millimetres long with head diameter of 39 mm and bottom diameter of 29 millimeters. Torch itself is quite light; with net weight – 138 grams and easy to carry around.

Note that charger and rechargeable battery cost a little extra, but cheaper version of Rechargeable LED Flashlight can also be picked up. It will also run with 18650 Battery or 3 AAA batteries.

I mean there are so many different flashlights out there that it’s easy to get confused and can take very long time to find what you like. I been there spending hours and hours looking at everything from few bucks to near to hundred dollars for Rechargeable LED Flashlight. So I ended up ordering this one (with rechargeable battery and charger) it cost me under 20 dollars and I was impressed with how powerful and easy to use it is, thanks to its size. So I decided to write this post and hopefully help some of you make decision, when you looking for flashlight.

I also forgot to mention that this rechargeable LED Flashlight is waterproof and well, for that price, you really can’t go wrong with it!



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