How to learn new language easily


Have you always wanted to learn new language, maybe even gave it a go, but didn’t get far anyway? It’s not just time an effort that is deciding factor in how well you do; as with many things in life, finding that right techniques to make learning new languages process fun and very effective as well is most important.

You probably have heard of some people who suggest it takes them years and years to learn new language, even if only half decant, yet some manage to do it in months, maybe even weeks.

Whether, you are planning to learn one of the most spoken languages around the world like; Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Russian or any of the others, these tips will set you on your way, when learning new languages!

First of all, when learning new languages whatever you do, don’t listen to people who say something along these lines; ‘’that language is too hard to learn I couldn’t do so and you won’t be able to do it either. Or simply trying to drag you down with lines like; ‘’why you would want to learn that language, there is no need for it.’’ Truth is, just because they couldn’t bother or couldn’t do it, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t, or wouldn’t be able to. If other people got useful advice for me it’s great to hear their opinion and consider it, but if all that they do is trying to convince me to not to do things, not to grow and not to achieve something new, I would seriously consider whether that friendship is useful for me in any way or form!

Even if any doubts come over you, something like’’ that language is way too hard for me to learn, I’ll never be able to do it.’’ Think back to certain situations; haven’t you been there before? It often seem hard at first, but give it a go and stick with it for a while and chances are you will be looking back and thinking ‘’imagine if I never did it and still thought it’s impossible for me to learn now?’’

Learning new language itself may not even be as hard as we often think it is. Hardest part actually is to understand that any new language is likely to be based on different basics and rules, than your native or some of other languages you have already learnt. In other word before you start learning new languages, first you must learn how to unlearn what you already use for other languages you speak in day-to-day.

Here are few tips I picked out as ones to fallow when learning new languages;

  • Start learning new languages by listening to music on YouTube. There are millions of different materials out there, easy to find.
  • Communicate with people in language you are learning, starting from saying couple words to your friends, or even strangers on the street, to maybe looking into going for holidays to place where, that language is spoken or have a Skype chat with someone.
  • Find someone on internet, or people who live near you, who are willing to learn same language that you are and maybe you can do it together.
  • Change language for the applications on your phone, or tablet to a language you are learning. Also, change language settings for you game station. I have tried this many times myself and can guarantee it’s really good way to pick up some basic words.
  • Other good way to help with learning new languages is finding hardcovers or e-books in that language, especially if you are the book lover. While at first, you may only understand few odd words, learning and reading daily, you will be amazed of progress made, in no time!
  • Watch TV/movies in language you are learning. Find your favorite TV shows or movies in one of the new languages you are learning.

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