How to deal with mood swings


Everybody has mood swings. No matter how successfull you are, no matter how physically active or happy you are you will still have them. That’s right.

This is not advice or plan of action from certified doctor or professional in the field. I’m writing this post based on my personal experience dealing with mood swings. I have suffered with social anxiety and depression for years. This caused drug abuse and alcoholism. There was 3 or 4 year period when i drunk every day so I do  know what I’m talking about. I’m lucky now that I’m still healthy and I have managed to over come it!

Me and my wife where talking last night and she raised really good point about mood swings and that really had me thinking. As I mentioned earlier every body has them. It is really about how we deal with it. Here I’m not going to talk about things like exercising diets or stress management, which by the way are great tools. I’m going to talk about probably the easiest, but most effective method to get started.

Believe it or not, but the best way to deal with your mood swings immediately, is to change your thinking. I know some people will not like to hear or admit this. Most people see actions of other people or other things around them, as reason for their mood swings. Yes, in most situations that might be the case, but then eventually it’s still up to you how you react to it. And that’s what we are going to talk about now.

I remember when my mood swings turned for worst, I was thinking like;”Why is this happening to me.” And many people are just the same. Thinking that you are only one who is going true this is just so wrong. This kind of thinking can very quickly get you to get embarrassmeant about who you are. It will always lead you to loss in self-confidence and thinking about your self as worthless person. Questioning yourself and seeing yourself as not as good as others around you is worst things you can do.

You have to realize that every body has to deal with mood swings. Realization that there is nothing wrong with you is huge relief. Trust me when I say it, when you will start realizing that it’s normal to have mood swings it will all start to change. Instead of worrying turn to hope and curiosity. Now you will be able to use that energy to start focusing on other good things and strategies you can do to have better life. You will still experience mood swings, but they won’t be as scary and will affect you less. Good things, enjoyable experiences and right people will start to come in to your life.


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