These herbal teas will help you to fight the flu and cold


These herbal teas will help you to fight the flu and cold. When I was younger back in Latvia, instead of treating every, flu, cold, fever or other similar illnesses with crazy, often, unnecessary amounts of medicine, such as pain killers, antibiotics, or others; I was thought, that herbal teas picked in out and about, was perfect cure to leave any illnesses in the past in no time!

Some of herbal teas , mentioned in this post, has been used as natural cure for flu’s, cold’s, fever and other similar illnesses for a long time, and knowledge, has been past on from one to another generation.

There is certainly a few shops and online stores you can buy allready picked, pre-mixed herbal teas for wide range of purposes. In this post I am looking, neither, to mention mixed herbal tea products available, nor direct you to any sale pages. Instead, I will look at, and briefly will mention some of the benefits for herbal teas I drink often, and most of us can pick near by,where we are living.



So here are some of the Herbal teas we used to pick and drink back in Latvia as natural medicine against flu, cold’s, fever and many other symptoms:


  • Cowslip tea

Cowslip tea, is know to be natural relief against cough. Also good cure against head aches and for people, who are having trouble sleeping and suffer with Insomnia, sleeping disorder, or other sleep related problems.  Cowslip herbal tea contains saponin, glycosides and vitamins A and C.

In Spanish culture cowslip tea is used , as leaf salad. In England Cowslip flowers are often used for homemade wines perfuming (aromitization)


  • linden flowers tea

Linden flower tea is know to be very calming. Used to relief symptoms such as: nervousness, sleeplessness and to relief stress. Also, linden herbal flower tea is thought to be good medicine for runny nose, colds, flu and high temperature. Tea is used to lower blood pressure, decrease head aches and worrying.


  • coltsfoot tea

Colts foot tea is well known for being used  as a cure for cough and breath way inflammation. Colt foot herbal tea is recommended, for lounge tuberculosis, bronchitis, pneumonia, epilepsy, malaria, allergies and many other diseases and conditions.


  • blackberry’s and blackberry leaf tea

Blackberry’s and blackberry herbal leaf tea Increases the immune system and enhances appetite. Blackberry leaf tea has anti-inflammatory. Components, that can be found in BlackBerry leafs affect nerve cells in a good way!


  • peppermint tea

Peppermint tea help to deal with inferiority complexes. Peppermint  herbal tea improves memory, ability to concentrate, thought processes, and also positively effects one’s ego and will help to get over inferiority complexes.


  • oregano tea

Oregano tea normalizes and improves digestive system. Oregano herbal tea is used to lower the body’s temperature. Also known to be very good natural medicine against cold’s and fever.


  • red clover tea

Red clover tea is recommended and thought to be excellent herbal tea for pregnant s to tackle cold’s and flu during pregnancy. Red clover herbal tea is good natural cure for long coughs, when suffering with colds or fever. Tea increases body’s strength against infections and is believed  to delay development of malignancy.Red Clover contains glycosides, flavonoids, essential oils, tannin’s, ascorbic acid, carotene and vitamins C, B, E and K.


  • calendula tea

Calendula tea is used as natural medicine for cold’s, fever, in cases against seizures, headaches and dizziness. also, Increases appetites and digestion. Calendula herbal tea contains carotene, lycopene, essential oils, mucilage, organic acid, vitamin A and C and many other essentials. Calendula tea is often used by people who suffers from hepatitis A, gastric ulcer and liver diseases.


Surely, these are just few herbal teas, that have curing abilities.There are many others herbal teas, you can discover, if you are looking for natural ways to fight flu’s, cold’s, fevers or other similar illnesses. If you choose to go out and pick herbal tea’s your self, or instead, pay a visit to local shop, or purchase herbal teas online and get them delivered to your doorstep, it’s something  well worth considering.




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