What happens to your body when you quitting smoking?


In this new article, as the title suggest, I am looking at ways how the human body is affected and changes after quitting smoking! Some changes start as early as 20 minutes after quitting, but the full recovery process, continues for other 15 years.


So let go true the changes that are happening in human body starting with:


20 minutes after quitting smoking

As early as 20 minutes after last cigarette, there are changes already taking place. Heart rate starts to slow down and approach normal levels.


2 hours after quitting smoking

After two hours without smoking heart rate and blood pressure have returned to normal level, so body parts located further away from the hart, are once again provided with necessary amount of blood, required to function normally. Feeling of overall well-being improves.

2 hours after last cigarette body start to get rid of nicotine. This process can cause feeling of low mood, general alert, sleepiness, or completely opposite; sleeping problems. It is very likely, that your appetite will increase too.

Carbon monoxide, which has been accumulating in blood cells, delaying oxygen supply to the body decreases by half, after only two hours since quitting smoking. Oxygen supply to the body returns back to normal. Within 12 hours of last cigarette carbon monoxide is out of the system.


24 hours quitting smoking

People who are smoking have a much greater risk of the heart attack; it’s measured to be 70% more likely, than for people who don’t smoke. What’s surprising, after only 24 hours without smoking risk of heart attack already start to decrease.


48 hours after quitting smoking

After 48 hours since last cigarette, nerve ends that maintain smell and taste functions start the repair process. If quitting for good, smell and taste functions should return to exactly same level, as they were before starting this addictive habit, in no time at all.


3 days after quitting smoking

After three days since last cigarette, body is nicotine free. Because of not having any nicotine in system you will feel strong need for it. It’s common to feel symptoms such as; unease, nervousness, increased appetite, headaches even crams and others, during this time.


2 weeks after quitting smoking

After couple weeks you will notice, that you aren’t out of breath or feeling sick, when doing physical activities. Reason being is, many functions keeps improving in the body, like blood circulation and lungs functions and many more. Also, by now most of the people will lose any of the symptoms related to the need for the nicotine, body has felt since day 3 after quitting.


1 – 9 months after quitting smoking

After month without smoking, lungs recover further and keep improving their functions lowering the risk of any infections and it becomes easier to breath. After few months any need for nicotine body had felt will disappear even for the heaviest of the smokers.


1 year after quitting smoking

Year after quitting smoking, any risks of heart disease decreases by 50%, compared to when you where still smoker.


5 years after quitting smoking

After 5 years without smoking, risk of one of the most serious health problems that smoking can cause, blood vessel narrowing, has been decreased to the same level as for people who has never smoked in their lifetime.


10 years after quitting smoking

As commonly know, smoking is main reason why people are diagnosed with lungs cancer. It is believed that 90% of those who are diagnosed with this condition are active smokers. After 10 years without smoking risk to fall ill with lung cancer decreases by a half. Also risk of being diagnosed with other types of cancers decreases.


15 years after quitting smoking

So after 15 years without smoking risk suffering with any of heart related illness is this same, as for people who have never smoked in their life.


And finally long term benefits

According to different sources non smokers tend to live by average of 14 years longer, than smokers. But quitting smoking, will not just improve length of your lifetime, it will also increase your well-being and ease to do physical activities!


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