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What I do?

I’m happy to provide free domain name search for anyone who is interested. I will help you to get perfect domain name for your business or personal use. It’s up to you if you are looking to acquire these domains or you just want to see what you could get if you wanted to. Personally I very rearly spend more than $25 to $50 on domain name. It has to be something special for me to spend more on domain. With this free domain name search I will also be presenting you with names, that would cost $25 to $50. It’s up to you to decide if you want to acquire them or not.


Why I do this?

I love everything about domain names.  It’s like a hobby for me, besides, when I do free domain name search for you guys, I often manage to find something for myself too. In all fairness quite often I realized, that I probably wouldn’t find these names if I wasn’t asked to look for them. So it’s win, win!

I own hundreds of domain names myself. From time to time I re-sell domain names for profit. Some of my domains are used for blogs, my e-commerce projects and the ones which have pre-existing  traffic, I  park with domain parking companies. In other words I have many domain names with existing traffic I use to redirect traffic to advertisement and earn money from it. That’s pretty cool right?


So little more about domains I can find for you;


Pre-existing Traffic domain names

If you are interested I can also find traffic domain names for you. Not all of those names will make much money with parking, ones may just bring back money you have spent for domain others may earn you 10, 20, 100 times more, than you bought it for. I have figured out ways to find better performing names  with  my domain name search methods, but as I said before; there are no guarantees. You never really know for sure. That’s reason why I personally almost never spend more than $25 to $50 on each domain name. I play it safe and still manage to make back more than I invested originally.


Brandable domain names

These are perfect for online business. Sometimes you can go with using keyword domains to help you rank quickly in search engines with quality content. Hovewer made up, catchy brandable names are perfect to build and bring forward your brand. Better sounding, catchy brandable domains can cost a lot of money, but trust me ones I can find for $25 to $50 are often real gems too. As few example for brandable domains I have found with my domain name search tool for myself and then sold for way bigger money are;


And many more. The thing is those names mentioned are the ones I have found and picked up myself. I have found hundreds of similar names for other people too.

Keyword domains like; (which was picked up by US student for about $1000. It was then sold for over $20,000 few months later). Now that’s good gamble if you are willing to risk a bit more. It all about knowledge and off course being lucky too There are names that are worth hundreds of thousand or even millions. It’s all comes down to you budget and what are you looking to do with domain name. Great domain name can really bring your business to whole new level of recognition and it all depends on budget you may have. On other hand you may be looking for something quite cheap you can then re-sell to businesses for profit. With my domain name search tool I can find quite cheap brandable names and it’s up to you if you choose to take gamble or not.

In all fairness I could write so much more here, but to finally get down to business fill in this form  bellow and I will carry out free domain name search for you. If you have any other questions include them in form and I will be happy to answer those too.





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