How to fall Asleep Quickly


Good night’s sleep is must have, to maintain good overall health, professional and athletic performance and so much more. Here are 5 steps, that are must know, when you are looking for ways, how to fall asleep quickly!


Find perfect  room temperature

Finding you own perfect room temperature is one of most important factors, when you are looking for ways how to fall asleep quickly. Clothing and bed sheets aside, which obviously can effect bodies temperature changes, it’s room temperature, that determines how quickly we will fall asleep as well as what quality sleep we will get.

For more dept information, I actually wrote article on this, because it really is perfect answer for how to fall asleep quickly and ensure better quality sleep.


Turn off all lights and electronic equipment

Turn of as many lights and other electronic equipment as possible to make room darker. It’s ok to leave small stand or side lamp on during night, but many suggest, that you will be able to fall asleep even faster, when there is complete darkness in the room. Being in the dark room is an effective way how to fall asleep quickly, because it makes our brain perceive it as a natural environment and brain realize hormones which bring on drowsiness. Too much light in the room does completely opposite and delay the release of those hormones.


Comfortable clothing

Comfortable and loose clothing is as important as comfortable bed to be able to, not just fall asleep quickly, but also have better quality sleep. Your favorite pajamas are perfect option, for me on other hand sleeping in just underwear, like boxer shorts does the trick. Obviously the material of the clothing is important too.


Listen to music or relaxing sounds

Just a relaxing music, or relaxing sounds, like flowing water often does the trick, but you can go one step further and listen to sleep hypnosis. Sleep hypnosis is something, that I have listened to quite a few times and it works like a charm. There is all kind of different calming material, or sleep hypnosis on YouTube, it simple as that to get started now and improve your sleep in that way! Calming sounds, music and hypnosis are very effective and let your mind wander and fall asleep faster as well as having better sleep overall.


Fallow certain sleep schedule

Allowing certain sleep schedule can help you, not just regulate you sleep pattern, but also ensure better quality, deep sleep, regularly. By going to bed at same time, almost every night and then waking up at pretty much same time in mornings will eventually allow your body clock naturally recognize sleep time, again you will be able to fall asleep easier and get better quality sleep.


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