Easy breathing exercises you should start practising right now


It may take to time to change unconscious bad breathing habits, but it’s certainly worth the effort. You may have read one of my previous posts – importance of proper breathing – this one is kind of second part of it. If you haven’t already read it, it’s probably good way to start, although starting to practice breathing exercises now is even better.

To get in the perfect rhythm and ensure nice deep breath are taken, do the good old count method by putting word Mississippi in the middle. So for whenever it’s mentioned to count, try to fallow pattern; Mississippi one, Mississippi two, Mississippi three..

For all of the breathing exercises, described bellow remember to only breathe true your nose. Most of the breathing exercises are borrowed from meditation and yoga.

  1. Let’s start with very simple one. This one can be done at any time of the day and only takes couple easy steps to fallow;

Inhale (to count of 4)

Exhale (to count of 4)

At first you may experience feeling of vertigo and it’s perfectly normal due to greater volume of oxygen reaching your brain. I always seem to enjoy it, personally. After a while you can move up to count of six and eight.  Additional to practicing this breathing exercise in the mornings and evenings, also apply it at times when you feel particularly agitated or stuck, to see how effective this really is. Those are the best moments to realize how big of the difference changing your breathing pattern can make!


Abdominal breathing exercise

Place one hand on the chest and other on the belly. Take deep breath ensuring diaphragm, not the chest inflates enough to stretch the lungs. Try to intake between six and ten deep breaths for the duration of ten minutes, ideally at least once a day.


Lay down in the horizontal position with your back on the floor. Inhale and exhale evenly and gently focus on a movement of your stomach.

Allow your stomach to rise up to bring air in the lower part of the lungs.  Once lungs fill with the air, chest will begin to rise while your stomach will lower. Relax and don’t strive, let this movement happen naturally. Do this exercise for five to ten minutes.

Any off the mentioned breathing exercises can be done every morning, evening and even true the day. Get in the rhythm and stick with your favorite breathing exercises and very soon you will notice yourself becoming stronger and healthier.


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