Earn Bitcoin by playing spins game


So I just came across this new website BTCHeat today. Basically what you have to do there is play spins game to earn bitcoin. You just have to enter your Bitcoin wallet adress and you are set up to start playing. You get like 50 free spins every 3 hours which is quite cool. I hate those website where you have to wait for like 24 hours for it all to reset again. Don’t you? Luckly no such problem here.


You will get exstra spins for doing other stuff and for inviting other people. Now in all fairness I still haven’t tried that others stuff so can’t give you any suggestions here thus far, but will keep you updated.


Before you even ask the question if it’s legit and so on. I am very sceptical about these things too, when it comes to such opportunities. So I done quite a bit of reserching myself allready. They are making money or Bitcoin from ads displayed across the site as well as from mining. So that all makes sense. It does seem as geniune website to Earn Bitcoin.   And it does seem thatthey acually pay out bitcoin in to your wallet. DidIi also mention it’s absoulutly  free to play. So you really have nothing to lose here really.


Play spin game and earn bitcoin now


Also worth to mention that I have not been able to make withrawal as yet myself.  You first have to earn bitcoin and recieve certain withdrawal amount to do that. Acording to my calculations and from what i read is menagable in few days to couple weeks, depending on how often you play. Anyway, if by any chance you allready been playing here for some time let us know about your experience. If not, give it a try. Start to earn bitcoin and if you can keep us updated here in comments also, that would be fab.



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