Why I have come to love running


Why I have come to love running

Personally, I have never run any long distances, such as: marathons, half marathons, and have not taken part in any kind of running competitions ever since I was back in Latvia, many years ago, when I was in Primary and middle school.

I always been physically active true my life, at times, been doing running maybe once or twice a week  or so, saying that it never lasted for too long, i always kind of just picked up running and then, probably after couple weeks wouldn’t go for a run for a while again.

So recently, I decided to start running again and this time, not just once in a while, but more regularly, preferably every second day or at least three times a week in an early morning. Next problem was that I have never been morning person at all. Basically, if there is no real reason for me to get out of bed, I will most likely stay in the bed until lunch time.

To make sure this time around I picked up running more seriously and actually stick with it for a while, at least, I realized I had to get in a routine. So, I started off by running 6 times a week for first few weeks, just to make sure, I really get in a habit and make sure I stay with it.

It has been more than month now, since I started running again, and by mixing it with all the other exercising, I am running about 3 – 5 times a week, mostly in mornings. It is such a great feeling being fitter, more motivated, also my energy levels seem to keep improving daily and now it seems so easy for me, to get up in early mornings too.

Now I am not running too long distances, somewhere between 3 – 5 miles, saying that I have tough about slightly increasing distance with in time and maybe take part in running events such as half-marathons or marathon in 2015.

Honestly, I absolutely love running, it feels like I have found almost like a missing part of my self , I have been looking for ages and ever since, I picked up running again, I have noticed very positive changes in many aspects of my life. Trust me it’s just changes you so much, that if you haven’t started yet you should start running few times a week now!


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