Ceramic Coating – Protect your car against scratches, weather corrosion and more


Ceramic coating is perfect and really inexpensive way to protect your car, boat or motorbikes paint against scratches and weather corrosion. Considering how long it will last it’s probably the best way you can go about to protect your vehicle’s exterior. It will prevent your cars paint from aging, mud and dust pollution, as well, as it will be perfect protection for winter weather. It has high glossiness effect and will leave your car shiny and paint looking like brand new at all times.


Just think about it. If you use wax, for example, you would have to apply new coat every few months. Maybe even every few weeks. Odds are, that despite your best efforts some stains, chips and swirl marks will start to appear on your vehicle’s body work. Well, what if I will tell you, that by simply applying Ceramic Coating on your vehicle you won’t need to worry about any of this for at least two years. Oh and that’s at least two years if not four or five.


Just think about what I just said. Do simple calculations. How much money would you have to spend to cover your car with wax over and over again true that few year period. With ceramic coating you would spend like $80 to cover your car and then, no worries for couple or few years.


I know of so many guys who have come to love this so much, that they not only use it them self’s, but also choose this product as gift for others. I’ve done it many times as well. I bought this as the gift for my dad for last birthday and for my brother and best mate for christmas last year.


If you don’t want to do all the work your self you can get your local garage to do this for you.  In all fairness it’s really easy to do your self too. Besides you will save a lot of money applying ceramic coating at home on your own. It’s more than enough to use this 100ml bottle for single car. In all fairness you can even cover two cars with 100ml, but depending on cars surface you can be little short. If you have service your self, or you have few cars, motorbikes or boats to cover, than it’s even better to go for 1 litre bottle. That will come out as way better deal.


It’s easy to apply and provides perfect protection to your cars paint thanks to its 9H pencil hardness. It gives you at least 2 years protection, but for my car it has lasted over 4 years already. It’s really easy to apply. Besides there are so many tutorials on YouTube. In all fairness you may not need to look for any tutorials online.  Ceramic coating agent comes with ”how to use” manual which perfectly covers all the process.


So if you are looking for a way to protect your cars paint look no further. Try this ceramic coating and I am sure you will be amazed with results!





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