How to boost Confidence instantly


whenever you need a quick confidence boost before important event, let it be job interview, meeting, a date, more positive start for the day, or any other given reason, there are number of methods you can practice which will boost confidence almost instantly.  Few of those, mentioned bellow are tested ways to boost confidence. Maybe you will notice, that some of them you already successfully practice in day-to-day dealings naturally, but if you don’t, you are just few easy steps away from more confident you!


Appear at your very best

It’s no secret, smarter you dress from day-to-day, more confident and successful you will look in the eyes of other people. When you dress smart, you increase chances of succeeding, for example, when attending job interview and in so many other aspects of life. It not just the outfit that boost confidence, it’s our overall look and hygiene, that makes a big difference. Every one of us has our favorite outfit or look and in order to boost confidence, that’s exactly how we have to look. You know yourself, when you look your best you feel your best!


Listen to the motivational speeches.

We often tend to beat ourselves down too much and mainly focus on too much off the negative. We really need to, and we deserve to hear from someone on the side. Hearing motivational speaker telling you what you are capable of and how amazing you really can be, does boost confidence like nothing else!

My favorite motivational speaker is Eric Thomas; I mean he’s just amazing. I totally get him and Eric’s speeches has so often given me that confidence boost, I been looking for all along.

‘’When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful’’ Eric Thomas

Here is also amazing motivational complication video, which always does wonders to boost confidence. Nothing much to add really, just watch the video and you will totally get it!

There are so much more material out there, even for me the ones I mentioned above are just a part bit from entire motivational stuff I go true every day!



It’s well documented, yet so many of us forget that right posture is very effective way to boost confidence, within minutes. It doesn’t just project you as more confident and self-assured in eyes of others, but also make you feel more relaxed and let you believe in yourself more.


8 Power Poses That Will Make You More Successful 

Taking up the right postures will boost testosterone levels by quite significant amount almost instantly. Taking up the right posture also reduces cortisol levels; therefore you are in better shape to handle stressful situations.


Help others and do well

Just as much as we appreciate, when someone helps us out, or pay us a compliment from time to time, it works same way around. Random acts of kindness are great way to boost confidence. It’s often small things, we help others with, that will probably lighten up their day.

By making conscious effort to boost confidence and by implementing some of those methods described in this post in everyday’s life, soon enough you will pass on the positivity and be doing practiced steps naturally, without even realizing. By the ways there are so many more ways to boost confidence out there!


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