Best alternative marketplace to Ebay and Amazon with 0 % commision


I have been selling goods on places like Ebay, Amazon, Storeenvy marketplace and others for a while. All of those mentioned are great selling platforms attracting a lot of buyers to your product listings. However you are facing huge competitions with thousands of other sellers on those platforms. because of stiff completion and huge commissions these selling platforms charge from succesful sales it’s harder and harder to make decant profit. Personally, I am not completely ditching these sites just yet, as many other sellers have done. I have found perfect alternative to it though.

Recently, I started selling on BriskSale. This marketplace may not be as popular as those mentioned earlier, but it charges 0% commission from sellers. And that’s pretty cool if you ask me. As I mentioned though there is nowhere near as many buyers on this marketplace just yet, but I have managed few sales already and that’s guarantee for you that you can make money selling on Brisksale. Here is my store on Brisksale. AS you can see I still haven’t listed too many products and already managed few sales as I said. You should definitely try it too!


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Other cool thing is, that if you want to attract more sales you have an option to offer commission to other briskselers who share your products also. You will only pay out this commission set by you, when the sale is completed. I personally use this option to create duplicate listings; one’s that are cheaper with no commission offered from sales and same listing with little higher price (including commission payable to referer)

So if selling online is something you are doing already, or would like to try it out Brisksale marketplace is certainly the place to try!


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