3D DIY Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers, perfect home decore


I was looking for quite cheap, but at same time nicely fitting in decor for my living room wall. There are hundreds of well-fitting in decor I considered like; paintings, canvas, signs and more. However what caught my eye this time was 3D DIY Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers.

In few minutes I found number of styles and types of  Mirror Wall Stickers. I choose quite cheap ones, that I liked and ordered package of 100 pieces round and 100 pieces heart shaped mirror effect wall stickers. Round pieces where about 2cm in diameter and heart shapes about 2.5*2cm. Perfect sizes to create decal mosaic and cover most of the wall.I had quite hard time choosing between silver or golden styles, but I decided to go with silver Acrylic mirror wall stickers in the end.

I ordered them online and had to wait couple weeks for wall stickers to arrive. That was fine with me since I was not in rush and they came out to cost only $17. That’s not bad for 200 pieces.  I was surprised with quality of product too. Besides These 3D DIY Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers are waterproof and corrosion-resistant. They are also made from environment friendly expanded polystyrene.

Once I got the product all I had to do was decided on mosaic I am going to make, stick them on the wall and tear off protective film once installed. And that’s it really. Good looking and cheap option for wall decoration. It also would fit in not just in living room , but bedroom, bathroom and maybe even in the kitchen.

Personally I was so pleased with the look, that I decide to order some golden round shaped Acrylic Mirror Wall Stickers for our guest room. I also included links with products I ordered if you want to find out more and maybe considering using these as decor for your home. You can find different shape and size mirror wall stickers to fit your needs in minutes.


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